Mcmillan Coffee MorningMcmillan Coffee Morning 22nd September10 Sep 2017 @ Latest SermonsPri: 23/09/2017
Reformation LecturesReformation Lectures23 Jun 2017 @ Latest SermonsPri: 01/11/2017
Church concerts28 Jun 2017 @ Latest Sermons
Barn Dance, Church FundraiserThank you all that came to the barn dance a great night was had by all.28 Jun 2017 @ Latest Sermons
Eric Delve, Author and SpeakerEric Delve @ All Saints Church
First Sunday of the month at the 10.30 service.
Come along and join us.
28 Jun 2017 @ Latest Sermons
Diamonds and PearlsLadies Ministry
Breakfast meeting dates
28 Jun 2017 @ Latest Sermons
2017 AGM Vision2017 AGM Vision26 Apr 2017 @ Steve's Blog
25 Oct 2016 - Tony Thompson Health CareHeath Care TalkMike Bowyer
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Susan Bowyer - Obedience Matt 15 v 22-31Mike Bowyer
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God's name is Mercy!02 Jul 2016 @ Latest Sermons
The road less travelled - Calvary.Rev Steve
31 Jan 2016 @ Steve's Blog
Wise people still seek JesusWise people still seek out GodRev Steve
08 Dec 2015 @ Latest Sermons
John Piper27 Aug 2015 @ Steve's Blog
Living 'The Most Excellent way'09 Feb 2015 @ Steve's Blog
Authentic love seeks to teach, correct and even rebuke.02 Feb 2015 @ Steve's Blog
Exodus, movement of God's people13 Jan 2015 @ Steve's Blog
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas16 Dec 2014 @ Steve's Blog
Spiritual Theology02 Dec 2014 @ Steve's Blog
Worry, the 21 C disease. From worrier to warrior25 Nov 2014 @ Steve's Blog
World Premier in Highams ParkWorld Premier in All Saints Highams Park23 Oct 2014 @ Latest Sermons
Pray and Fast for the ClimatePray and Fast for the Climate04 Aug 2014 @ Latest Sermons

The Revd Steve Clarke
Welcome to
All Saints Highams Park (ASHP),
a church where the doors are wide open and the people are warm, friendly and welcoming.
Church Diary 
Friday , 22nd September 9-12
Mcmillan coffee morning with the friends of Handsworth, all welcome
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Jesus came to set up a movement, not a monument. Church should be dangerous, as any encounter with someone who has risen from the dead has to be exciting, empowering and engaging.

Jesus Christ's manifesto is for His Church to live in the excitement and expectation of working out His purpose for our lives here 'on earth as it is in Heaven' no more, no less.
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