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Letter to ASHP from Jacquie Pullinger

JP - 11 Jul 2015

Dear Steve and Jackie,

Thanks so much for your message and I have prayed from time to time for you and for your own particular family as well as the people in your church. I would love to be in contact with you about Nick Gibbs and some of my conclusions or remarks about the time I had with you. I enjoyed your fellowship in Jesus with love in Christ. Here is some of my latest news.

After some trips abroad I have now returned to Hong Kong where there is much going on. Mostly what we like to spend time doing, is training those who are going to go to the ends of the earth and especially to the nearby countries where there are many poor people. We are hoping to have some training for the many people worldwide who are now interested in different aspects of slavery. We know how to set women free when they are rescued, but there is a dearth of people who are willing to commit themselves to living with men and women and girls and boys who have been subject to slavery. This is not short term mission and there is no short term fix. We’ve just heard of a group of 13 and 14 year olds in the Philippines. The Government there asked if we would take these boys in as they have been trafficked and used as homosexual slaves. They are even cross-dressed. Right now we could not take these boys into our girls’ home but we are longing to be able to help people such as them. If you do know people who want to come and seriously train to be part of a long term solution to such people, do let us know. 

Since I last wrote, you will, of course, have heard of the disasters in Nepal. We had many enquiries and we managed to find all of the people that we know who are there and the relatives of the many Nepalese who have lived with us in Hong Kong. They are all safe. We heard many stories about those who felt they should go and worship and pray. While they were meeting their houses were devastated. We have also met a brother of a long time friend in Nepal, Noel, and have sent immediate aid so those that are on the ground can start buying supplies. Of course the difficulty is that the lack of roads, the mountains and the long distances make access hard in so many places. We will be sending teams as we did to the Philippines but in this case our house building is probably not suitable so please pray for this. People here gave very generously during our Steve Chua’s conference on finding the Father’s heart which was indeed wonderful. He and the Holy Spirit engaged every one and a lot of the people have a different understanding of Father God and are beginning to receive His love. We hope to go on with such teachings and experiences throughout this year. Meantime, Esther has a regular blog about parenting children, it’s very simple but she has nearly half a million hits so we know that this is the time for God to restore families.

After my several visits this year our last one was in Australia where I was on a mission trip. I found many young people quite willing to go to the ends of the earth for Jesus and at the same time not remotely prepared. So my heart is to equip people socially, emotionally, spiritually and biblically to do so. No one carries bibles and 50% of those who came to my workshops had no electronic bibles either, the sad thing was they didn’t look guilty when I asked why not! The worship is full of loud music, smoke and extraordinary gyrations but very little Word of God so it doesn’t really feel like worship. Anyway I met my dear friends Kevin and Rene Conner and spent half a day with them. They are absolutely super and I came away laden with some of Kevin’s amazing books which you may know are full of Scripture. Nobody has enriched me so much by what he has gleaned from Scripture and then sent my way.

We are welcoming teams back from the Philippines where they are continuing to build houses and pray for the sick and feed the poor. This is ongoing as the millions affected by the earthquakes and typhoons continued to be displaced. But they are most open to Jesus. We are also preparing teams to go to Nepal though building houses there looks quite different from the Philippines. Certainly one day would not do it might even take a few days to walk to each place where they need help. 

We are coming up to “ghost festival” which is usually some kind of spiritual battle for us here as the 8th month of the lunar calendar. The local people invoke and worship spirits. This in turn affects our new men and new women’s houses because people feel unsettled. Also some of our helpers are on leave at this time and we have lost all of our wonderful gap years so please help us in prayer as we feel pretty needy at this time. 

In September I will be visiting Britain, South Africa and Canada but for the time being I am very happy here swimming several times a week.

This comes with lots of love in Jesus, Jackie
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