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Following the meeting in the church on Tuesday 2nd October.
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Wise people still seek Jesus

Rev Steve - 08 Dec 2015


 Christmas for many is a headache and not a blessing. Stress, expense and debt, loss, grief and loneliness is usually served up instead of compassion, community and company. This is no new situation, as Jesus was born as a penniless refugee, a wanderer, a nomad with only his mother and step-dad to travel with, and what's more, a mad king desperate to kill him.

Each Christmas is a preacher's headache, just how can I say something different of the 'great story' what insight will I bring? Well, revelation is left to God not man, as He revealed Himself to us, we didn't find Him. Christmas is God coming amidst mankind, we don't need to search Him out, he is present, He is never absent as He is 'Emmanuel' God with us.

This Christmas, don't leave Jesus in the crip, take Him home with you in your hearts. I trust we shall meet at one of the many services ASHP has on offer, come and say hi, come and worship the new born King, come, come like the wise men of old, come and witness God amidst His people, as wise people still seek out God.

Rev Steve
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Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting in the church on Tuesday 2nd October and for sharing their views. It was good to hear so many people were keen to give their support to the church as it seeks to find a viable option for the continued provision of community meeting space and a place to worship.

 Many people discussed fundraising options following the meeting and the Parochial Church Council (PCC) will discuss these alongside the other issues raised as soon as is practicable and will feed back to you.

In the meantime if anyone wishes to become involved in providing practical support please feel free to call in after any of our Sunday services (9am or 10.30am) and speak to any members of the PCC.

Many blessings, All Saints Church