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Christmas Message

Billy Graham - 24 Dec 2015


 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. — Luke 2:8

The first Christmas worship service was conducted not in a temple, a cathedral, or a synagogue, but in the great outdoors. The tidings of Christ’s birth echoed in the skies as the angel of the Lord proclaimed the good news to lowly shepherds.

Do you think it strange that this glad word was not first given to the priests, the scholars, or the Pharisees? The reason is clear:

God speaks to those who are prepared in their hearts to listen.

Apparently these humble shepherds were prepared, and therefore able to discern the voice from Heaven above the noisy din of earth’s confusion.

It is also significant that this angelic message was delivered at night. It was night not only because the sun had gone down, but because the world was shrouded in spiritual and moral gloom — just as it is today.

Often when things are darkest, God makes Himself known.

Is it night for you this Christmas season? If so, may Jesus reveal Himself to you in a powerful and real way. Like the shepherds, prepare your heart to hear His message — one of God’s love, forgiveness, and peace — because Christ has come.

Excerpted with permission from Wisdom for Each Day by Billy Graham, copyright Thomas Nelson. 

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