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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Rev Steve - 17 May 2016


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was a 1967 American comedy-drama starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn. The film contains a positive representation of the controversial subject of interracial marriage, which historically had been illegal in most states of the United States, that is until 12 June 1967. Months after the release of the film.

All to often, the Holy Spirit is like Sidney Poitier, someone who turns up who we neither culturally or relationally know. For many, Father God is hard enough if you’ve had a bad earthly father, Jesus we can get to grips with as He was one of us, but the Holy Spirit, what is he? a bird, fire, water, a dove? 

Last week we celebrated ascension day, making us realise that Jesus is no longer on earth, He is seated at the right hand side of father God. The Holy Spirit is the one we are to communicate with now, as we come to the Father through Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit. He is the one we are to have a relationship with. Yet, many Christians have never encountered Him. Guess what, Pentecost, is God the Holy Spirit coming to dinner, coming to sit, live, fellowship and minister to us so that we may do the same to others.

Time and time again in the upper room when having 'dinner' Jesus said in Jn 14:26;15:26;16:13, guess who’s coming to dinner. But, guests don’t come to dinner unless they have been invited, so is the case for the Holy Spirit. He is a dove not a pigeon. He is sensitive, but once we learn how not to offend Him, all things are possible.

A young student named Jason was ordering a meal inside a fast-food restaurant. Not content to share Christ only with those behind the counter, he began to speak past the cashier to three men in a car at the drive in window. After receiving his food, Jason left noticing they had parked to eat. He renewed his conversation with them and saw that the man in the back seat had a broken leg. So he climbed into the car with them and invited The H.S to come … and He did. The man began to curse. He had no understanding about the Holy fire on his leg. They all jumped out of the car, and the injured man removed his brace and stomped on his leg. He was completely healed. The three were so convicted that they opened the trunk of their car, which was filled with illegal drugs, and dumped the narcotics onto the pavement and began to stamp on them destroying them. Jason took the three men to his church where a 24-hour prayer meeting was happening and the kindness of God lead them to repent of their sins and they gave their lives to Christ and so were received into the family of God. 

Friends, this is not supernatural Christianity, this is natural Christianity, the kind of Christianity Jesus commissioned us too - Matthew 28:19-. 

The Holy Spirit is the agent of heaven who initiates these encounters. Jesus said to His Church, ‘Wait for the day of harvest, Pentecost; where The Holy Spirit will fall upon you and fill you with God’s power.’ God is omnipresent, but now He, the Holy Spirit will make God be most immediate. For the same power that raised Jesus from the dead will now reside within every Spirit filled believer. Why, so that demons will be cast out. People will be healed and Lives will be saved. This is Kingdom, as where The King is, so will He be doing what The King does, but this time through His Church, His 'Body' here on earth.

Jesus’ Great Commission was that we would resemble Him in character - fruit - Gal 5 and ministry - Gifts - 1 Corin 12, Rom 12. 

We” said Bill Johnson “are obligated to live in both character as well as power.” The problem is we tend do neither. We cannot live in character unless we are living in power to do so, for as we heard so eloquently last week, ‘we have all fallen short of the glory of God’ but, because of vs 24 (Romans) we are made righteous by faith alone in Christ alone. And in doing so we are filled with the person of the Holy Spirit, something the religious minded nicodemus couldn’t grasp, “How can I be born again from my mother’s womb”? “You must be born of  water and The Spirit.” You see our witness is weakened by the lack of God in us. We owe the world a Spirit filled life, for we owe them an encounter with God.

The Holy Spirt is in us for our sake, but He’s upon us for the benefit of others!” (Bill Johnson)

The word ‘anointing’ comes from the word ‘smeared’ God covering us, smearing us with Himself. God is love, God is light God is life but God is also liberating powerful, “for it was for freedom that Christ came to set us fee” (Gal 5:1)

God has made us stewards of His power. The Church owes a debt to the world, and that debt is for them to have an encounter with the living God, the God who ‘so loves’. 

We must no longer exchange the knowledge of God for the presence of God. Today’s generation do not want institutional Christianity but they are hungry for a God encounter. You won’t need theology when you simply pray for someone and invite the HS to come, and He will. Step back and watch God move, it’s awesome, and what’s more we all get to play!

Jesus promised that The Holy Spirit would come upon us and fill us, empower us, comfort us, guide us, guard us and assure us of His great salvation. We here at ASHP cannot give away that which we haven’t got. So it’s time we too received the second baptism. The first - water, the second - fire! 

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