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17 May 2019  -  Pri: 01/09/2020
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17 May 2019  -  Pri: 01/07/2019
Annual Statement
08 Apr 2019
Annual Parochial Church Meeting - Sunday 14th April
28 Mar 2019  -  Pri: 31/12/2019
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28 Mar 2019
Revd Malcolm Porter
28 Mar 2019  -  Pri: 01/08/2019
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17 Mar 2019
New Vicar appointed
17 Mar 2019  -  Pri: 01/07/2019
Church and Hall Redevelopment Update
02 Jan 2019
Church and Hall Redevelopment Update
30 Nov 2018
Building Project Update
04 Nov 2018
Following the meeting in the church on Tuesday 2nd October.
04 Oct 2018






Building Project Update

04 Nov 2018

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) would like to thank all those who attended the opening meeting on the 2nd October to consider the future of the church buildings and expressed their views. We were impressed and heartened by how deeply you, and those who have signed the petition, feel about preserving the current church. There was also a very strong feeling expressed that the Community would come together to raise the funds necessary to renovate the church and replace the church hall, rather than seeing a new integrated building erected incorporating 17 alms-houses.

The PCC has now had the opportunity to consider the way forward and would like to work with the local community to see whether there is a realistic prospect to raise sufficient funds for the works needed. It was noted, for example, that if everyone that has signed the petition either donated or committed to raise £100, then this alone would cover the 250k repair costs of the church. We have set up a Just Giving Crowdfunding page and would urge you to show that you really do care by donating what you can. Please visit to help kick start this appeal.    

We will also be setting up a Fundraising /Management Group to lead the project, so would be delighted to hear from anyone with relevant experience of fundraising, particularly through trust giving, grant funding or corporate giving, or those with architectural or building project management skills who would be prepared to give some time to volunteer to work with us. Please e mail if you are interested, with a short paragraph about your experience.              
In the meantime, the PCC has agreed to continue to consider all options in discussion with the Diocese and the Community, as it would be unwise of us to let an opportunity to fund all the work pass by if we cannot turn the fundraising option into a reality. In particular, we will be looking at whether we can self-finance the rebuilding of the hall by including 8-12 flats in the design rather than try to raise an additional £1.4m as well for the hall.  

Those at the meeting were very keen to stay in touch with progress on this project and whilst we may use Facebook, other social media and our notice boards to alert people to updates, all the current information and updates will be posted to our website so that it is easily assessable to all.

As requested at the meeting, some of the background to the project thus far and the visuals that were shown at the meeting will also be posted there in due course. Please do bear in mind though that the PCC members are all volunteers and currently engaged with trying to keep the church going day to day with no vicar in place, so this may take some time.

Thank you once again for your interest in the church and please don’t forget to donate!
All Saints Highams Park PCC
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