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30 May 2014

To send a soldier onto the battlefiled ill equipped and ill instructed is nothing short of committing murder. So it is with Church leadership, to expect Christians to fulfill 'The Great Commission' without training, fellowship, equipping and support is to literally send them off to their death, as well as disgrace The Gospel and profane the Lord's name. 

Discipleship is not a buzz word that is the vogue expectation of 'Transforming Presence' it is and has always been the agenda of heaven for Christ's body here on earth "for such a time as this". The problem is, that the Church has been living through the culture of its denomination before living through the DNA of the Kingdom of God. When we substitute man made church for God's given Body of Christ, we see little power and much fustration. Many beleivers are disatisfied with church life and church politics, we are bogged down with 'isms' and joy has been lost to spiritual mediocrity. Seldom, if ever do we encounter the 'dangerous God of surprises' within our services. Recent statistics reveal that many within the UK are wanting spiritual guidence but no longer want organised religion. If we represented Jesus as He inteded us too, then we wouldn't be in this compromise. We short change the Gospel and give little away to those desperate for a life transfiguration when we offer them a powerless god who simply wants to be worshiped by them. The all sovereign, living, death conquering creator of heaven and earth cannot be found in a tomb, he is seated high above all else in resplendour and majesty, that is who we come to meet on Sunday mornings, is that the experience of many today? God is NOT dead, he is ALIVE!!! then if so, where does His presence manifest amidst us when we fulfill His promise "when we draw near to him he shall draw near to us."

To be a disicple is not a request, it is a commanment. Jesus does not ask, he tell His followers to "Go into all the world and MAKE DISICPLES" not Anglicans, baptists, methodists etc. We are 'Kingdom of God' people before we are denominational members. To create disicples is a lifestyle, where the transformed are assisting those seeking to be transformed who all move into all that the Lord seeks for them to be. Never in any time in history, barring the first century, has the world needed disciples of Jesus back on the mission field like we do now. My task as senior leader of ASHP is to fulfill Christ's command to make disicples. Here at ASHP, we are not a group who just meet to get through just another sunday, month or year, we do not live to exist, we live to flourish, as we are told "to bear fruit"

We do so by way of being a:

People of the Word (informed to transform)
People of Prayer and Worship (joyful and God encountering)
People of Scoical Justice (releasing and healing)
People of Fellowship (friendship, acceptance and unity)

It is time to restructure our lives according to the call of Christ not our idea of Christ. It is time to get back to the map and walk the way of the Pilgrim who seeks nothing less than to obey their master in all things. To be 'Christian' is non-discriptive, it is undefinable, Christians scientist, Christ spiritualist, etc, we are called to be disciples of Christ, that is who are we and when we know who we are we will know what we are to do. That is, to make further disciples who too make disiciples. If this is for you, and your hungry for authentic Christian discipleship, then come and be part of the movement of God here at ASHP. Step up to the mark and join those who see first His Kingdom before the things of th world. We too are hungry for change, hungry for His presence, hungry to assist the helpless, hungry to be all that He dies and rose from the grave for us to be. Now is the time to be disciples, now!

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