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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

16 Dec 2014

Wesfields, Brentcross, Bluewaters as well as Oxford and Regent Street are aglow with Christmas lights and shop windows such as Hamley's, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfidges are spectacular sights of creative genius. But, nowhere in any of the high streets will you find the real reason for the season, its all spend, spend, spend and there is nowhere to be seen any crib or mention of the God child.

So far I have heard only one person wish me Happy Christmas, and that was a child leaving the church after a school Advent visit. One of the many festive tunes of the season will be heard throughout the shopping centres - 'It's beginning to look alot like Christmas' but is it, really!? People seem more pressured, tired and stressful than ever, like the burden of the season is upon them, like money isn't tight enough, most particularly after this last year too, who needs further more expenditure!

Whilst many will be celebrating Christmas at their work's "Xmas" party, many will be wishing for a job. Whilst many will be with family, many too will be wanting to be away from family because of abuse, negelct and rejection. In Syria, Bagdad, Iran and Irag, the Christians who have bravely remained will be quietly celebrating the birth of the peace child amidst the raveges of war and the onslaught of fanatacism, Christmas for them will be quiet, very quiet indeed, for fear of being found by their those who seek to wipe out any form of indifference to their own ideals and dogma.

This Christmas, let us not be consumned with presents but with God's presence. Let this year be a turning point, come to church and hear the message of a God who became one of us, lived, loved and laughed with humanity and then was murdered for His beliefs. Come hear about a God who became a human, more besides, come experience His presence amidst His people, for He is, Emmaule, God with us.

Christmas is bigger than the TV, films, X-box, new slippers and Turkey, let this year be a turning point towards Jesus the Christ, the baby who became the Man, the Son of Man, who lived, died and rose again so that we may 'know life in all its fullness.' 

May this be the Christmas God intened for us all.

With blessings and new year hopes

Revd Steve
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