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Exodus, movement of God's people

13 Jan 2015


 Right now there is a Hollywood blockbuster doing the cinema rounds - EXODUS. It is the re-telling of the story of Moses and the children of God escaping Egypt to secure a new life as well as a new identity. Of course it wasn't that long ago that there was another "Biblical" film - Noah; it seems that The Bible sells, even in a "post Christian age." The timing is spot on, as we celebrate Epiphany, we also remember The Innocents' Day, where Herod sort to wipe out the Christ Child and so Joseph and Mary flee TO Egypt (as foretold in scripture) and God's people flee FROM Egypt. 

Move a little closer to home and consider the recent atrocities in Paris. Right now there is an EXODUS of Jews once again fleeing Europe like they did pre-world war two. The ugly rise of anti-semiticism is growing, so much so, that thousands of present day Jews are fleeing France and heading towards Israel. But, here is the thing, not even during the last war did they flee in such numbers, they remained and stood their ground, even though it cost millions their lives in the Ghetto's and the Holocaust. There is somethingnew happening, something very dark and something very wrong. Where prejudice is fed, fear is swallowed. We live in a time where humanity has forgotten it's past, and when we do so, we end up repeating the past in the present, when will we ever learn? What is happening in Europe right now has been seen before, many a time, history is indeed repeating itself, albeit in a different guise, name and course.

As we enter 2015, our hope isn't in what humanity can do, as history records the fatal inability to change, but our hope is to be found in the Son of Man - the Lord Jesus Christ, who is, was and is to come, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the one who never changes, who's mercy, grace, forgiveness, acceptance and love is unmoveable, unshakable and uncompromisingly steadfast. 

This year, may you know the Jesus's love and presence as you step into the unknown, as we will ALL need an achor amidst the storms to come, as well as a friend to share the joys.

With every blessing in Christ

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