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Resolve to Focus on Jesus

Revd Steve - 27 Jul 2015

Resolve to focus on Jesus

Recently I had the opportunity to pray for a dear friend who had been struggling to find a job for well over a year, within this time his family, finances and self-esteem suffered terribly. During the prayer meeting we discovered that this man of great faith had inadvertently focused on the job and not on seeking first Jesus the provider of the job. When this was addressed and prayed into, two days later he received a new job; and a great one at that, thus, reminding us that those who Seek "first the 'King' Kingdom of God and his righteousness shall have all theses things added unto them."

Notice that the 'Kingdom of God' and 'righteousness' are senonimous with one another not separate traits. To be a kingdom person is revealed by living a righteous life. This comes about by way of a life transformed- 
Romans 14:17 NKJV 'for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.'

Not ritual but devotional which in turn produces joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. 

Many of us can associate with taking our eyes off the prize, for focusing to much on our needs than on the person of Jesus who is the provider of our needs. The focus of our lives should be on Jesus not need, not church, not doctrine, not ministry, not the poor, not politics, not social concern; and most certainly not denominations, but on Jesus. Because, if we solely focus on Jesus 'the author and perfect or of our faith' the desire to address the needs of the above list will automatically follow. For 'the least we do unto others we do unto him.'

The Bible teaches us from Genesis to Revelation that it is all about Jesus. And what's more, it reveals that Jesus and Jesus alone never allows the sin in the sinner to separate them from Himself and his love. This is because God uses the weak to shame the strong, the foolishness to shame the wise and the sinner to shame the self-righteous.

The Gospel of Matthew, the first book of the New Testament opens with Jesus' family tree. 
As we read the list of Jesus’ ancestors it is encouraging to see that they include the adulteress Tamar, the prostitute Rahab, Ruth (the non-Jewish Moabite), Solomon ‘whose mother had been Uriah’s wife’ (Solomon was conceived after King David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba), as well as many others. Thankfully, God uses sinful human beings and, so therefore, can use us. Whatever our past, however broken our lives may seem right now, God can use you to do something great with your life. When we step back and focus on Jesus, we see how he loved people not programmes. Whenever Jesus met a 'sinner' it wasn't their iniquity that rubbed off on Him, but His righteousness that rubbed off on them. Every Jesus encounter was a momentous event as well as an individual one. Jesus would sit with a Prostitute, have supper with a thief, stand in the gap for an adulterer and forgive those who knew not what they did. Jesus was a man who chose to live amidst those on the periferals of society, the people on and of the edge - tax-collectors, demoniac as, lepers, liars and murderers.

His ability to accept, love, bless and embrace wasn't without compromise on his standards. As he would never condemn the sinner but equally refused to condone the sin. "Go and sin no more" would be his parting words. Jesus wanted people to come to him as they were but not stay as they were for the Gospel is a message of 'transformation' - Romans 12:1-2.   

The very name ‘Jesus’ means, ‘he will save his people from their sins’ (v.21). Every time we use the name Jesus it reminds us that our greatest need is not for happiness or contentment (although these may both be by-products). Our greatest need, as with Jesus’ ancestors and followers is for forgiveness. Therefore, we need a Saviour.

The beginning of Matthew shows us that Jesus is the completion of all that is recorded in the Old Testament, he is the start, journey and end, 'The Alpha and Omega'. In order to live the Life less travelled we too must forsake the old life in order to inherit the new one. May this be said for all of us. Amen. 

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