New to All Saints Highams Park

Hi, my name is Steve Clarke and I am the current vicar (minister-in-charge) of All Saints, Highams Park (ASHP). You will usually see me at the church door welcoming people on any given Sunday before the services, before mid-week Holy Communion (every Wednesday at 10 a.m.) and at many of the other events ASHP runs. 

It is the authentic legacy of ASHP to be a welcoming, warm and friendly church that absolutely loves meeting new and old friends. There is much to be done and much to do, come to receive and come to share.

I very much look forward to meeting you, whether you seek to bring your child(ren) to our amazing 'Red Balloon Family', who run 'Tiny Saints' Sunday School, or join our newly established discipleship house groups. It might be that you'd like to discover what the real truth is about the man named Jesus; if so, why not come on an Alpha Course? We also have weekly and monthly church prayer meetings, as well as many other events, that are here to bless you.

Come to say 'Hi', come to share, come to stay.

With every blessing

Yours in Christ

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